Duck and Waffle is coming to St. James’s Market

The Nudge, April 2017

Finally, you can get your fix of Duck and Waffle down at your local.

…If you happen to live in one of the grand 19th century townhouses in Piccadilly, that is. Because the second outpost of the highly-acclaimed (and highly-positioned on the top of the Heron Tower) restaurant is opening in the new St. James restaurant development, under the moniker of Duck and Waffle Local.

It’s staying true to its roots with a predominantly duck-based menu, only this time with a more casual, “accessible” feel – by which we assume they mean you won’t need to ascend 40 floors via an ear-popping glass elevator to get there.

The emphasis is on pace, with counter ordering before you sit, or options to pre-order and collect to take away. Even drinks are given the speed treatment, with bespoke cocktails on tap, designed by Duck and Waffle’s award-winning mixologist, Rich Woods, accompanied by local brews.

In terms of the grub, the signature dish (and name of the restaurant) will still be available, but you can also expect offerings like the duck burger with whipped foie gras, some duck jam doughnuts, and the classic BBQ-spiced crackling pigs ears, as well a spread of lighter veg sides. Which you’ll need, because you’ll be heading for the Full Elvis for dessert – peanut butter and jam waffles scattered with berries and caramelised bananas.

Sounds like they’ve got all their ducks in a row.

The Nudge, April 2017