Duck & Waffle Local will open in St James’s this spring offering a duck-centric menu

Evening Standard, Feb 2017

Despite serving 24 hours a day, seven days a week, demand is still high for London’s highest-up restaurant — and now it’s launching a spin-off.

Duck & Waffle Local will open in St James’s this spring, offering a duck-centric menu that’s designed to be served fast.

Chef director Dan Doherty said: “Duck & Waffle is incredibly busy and so we thought we’d like to make this restaurant more accessible, in terms of not having to wait six weeks for a table, and also in terms of price.”

Duck & Waffle founder Shimon Bokovza added: “We’ve served over one million guests and almost half a million Duck & Waffle dishes since opening in July 2012. We are now harnessing the energy of the brand and bringing it to the street in a more casual atmosphere.”

Included on the line-up is a duck jam doughnut and a duck burger made with crispy duck leg and the option of whipped foie gras, as well as its parent restaurant’s namesake classic: confit duck leg on a waffle with a fried egg, served with maple syrup.

Dan said: “We’ve seen that at Duck & Waffle people are ordering a lot of duck and loving it, so we thought why not explore that and focus on it while showcasing its versatility — it doesn’t have to be duck a l’orange.”

There will also be a decent showing for vegetable dishes, including grilled sprouting broccoli with chilli, garlic, lemon and almonds, and baby spinach with peas, avocado, grains and seeds. Other dishes from Duck & Waffle to make the transfer include spiced pigs ears and the Full Elvis dessert: a peanut butter and jelly waffle with vanilla cream, peanut brittle, berries and caramelised banana.

Diners at the new site will order at the counter before being shown to a table in order to allow for speedy service, while there will also be the option of pre-ordering for a set collection slot for those wanting food-to-go. Drinks are designed to be equally speedy, with a short selection of specially-designed cocktails from Duck & Waffle’s resident mixologist Rich Woods available on tap alongside some beers and wines.

Evening Standard, February 2017