The restaurant hostess is the first employee to interact with arriving guests as they enter the restaurant. It is the job of the hostess to greet arriving guests, welcome them into the establishment. The guests receive their first impression of the service of the restaurant by their exchange with the hostess.

JOB Duties:

  • Host provides a warm welcome to guests on arrival.
  • Host provides a brief explanation on the ordering system in place.
  • Host monitors what tables are available, estimates wait times for the guests.
  • Ensures the needs of the guests are met and engages in upselling drinks while waiting.
  • The host is responsible for answering the phone and explaining the no booking policy.
  • Host maintains a clean tidy arrival desk.
  • Host assists with the opening and closing duties of the restaurant.
  • Host has an in depth knowledge of the food and drink menus, including pricing, ingredients and allergens.

MINIMUM Qualifications

  • Must have a polite and hospitable disposition
  • Possession of a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Pleasing personality
  • Excellent communication skills, especially orally
  • Effective customer service skills
  • Ability to withstand pressure